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           Have you ever wondered what your dream means?   If so read below and see what your mind is trying to tell you.


 Different Types of Dreams


 Being Chasedchased

Have you ever had a dream where you’re being chased?  If so, these are the most 😦 common types of dreams people have.  Dreams in which your being chased usually mean that you are running from something. When I was little I had a dream in which I was being chased.   I was running from a bunch of skeletons who were chasing me.   I remember waking up really scared afterwards. 




Falling is another very common type of dream.  There are two types of dreams in which your falling… the actual dream or just a part of your dream.  The one that’s just a part of your dream causes you to wake up.   It is caused by your body relaxing during your sleep and then your body jerks and that’s what wakes you up.  I had that happen to me in the dream where I was running from skeletons.  I was at a cliff and thought I was falling, my body jerked and I woke right up.   However, the ones in which you’re falling for the whole dream means that you have anxiety over a certain situation.   I had one of these once where I was just falling and falling above the ocean for ever.  I thought it was hours long but it wasn’t because I woke up and had only been sleeping for about 10 minutes.





Have you had a dream in which your flying?It means you know your dreaming and you can control what happens in your dreams. I had a dream in which I was flying once.   I was flying over the city. It was really amazing all things I saw and most of all it was fun.   I knew I was dreaming the whole time which is what made it such a fun dream.   I could do anything! 



Test Anxiety

Have you ever had a dream in which your taking a test.   These usually mean you have a lot of stress.  I have this type of dream the most since I am always stressed before a test because I feel I have to do really well. 




Running, but not going anywhereglue-stuck

If you have ever had a dream in which your running but not going anywhere, it means that you’re trying to do way too much at once.   I’ve also had this type of dream frequently.  One time I thought I was being chased.  I was running and running, but not moving.  I was so scared and sweating when I woke up.


 Interesting Facts about Dreams

  • Having the same dream over and over could mean your having a repeated problem in your life.
  • Did you know the average dream is only 5-45 minutes?   
  • People have  tons of dreams every night.
  • You usually only remember the dream you had right before you wake up.
  • Dreams are caused by R.E.M which is short for Rapid Eye Movement.


Dreams are just another way that our conscious tells us what is going on.  There are many differnt types of dreams.  Most of them don’t last as long as we think.  If you are lucky enough to remember what your dream was about when you wake up,  then you should look it up and see what it means.   You might be surprised to find out what is really on your conscious. 

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